Tips to Consider When Choosing Wheels for Your Bike


Wheels are a very important component of a bike. They play a big role in terms of ride quality, reliability and pedaling experience. Wheels are actually the point of bike functionality. When choosing your wheels for your upgrade there are several factors to consider before making a selection. Below are some tips to consider when selecting new wheels for your bike.


First and foremost, the size of the wheels is a basic consideration.  However, it is as important as the purpose of the bike. Different bikes wear different size of wheels. You can get the size of the wheel by checking for labels on the tires. You can also change the size of your wheels to alter the functionality of your bike. But before changing the size of your wheels consider professional advice.


Another consideration to make is the type of brakes you use for your bike. Disc brakes wheels at have hubs that accept the rotor and are usually light because their rims don’t have a true braking surface. Rim brakes have rim sides to for braking which also are made to withstand the wear and tear of rim brakes. However, you can always get wheel that can work for both disc brakes and rim brakes.


The shape of the rim also plays a big role in determining the experience of riding. This will be determined by the purpose of the bike. Rims with deep section are more reliable for a racing and sprinting advantage. Wider rims however improve durability of tires due to its large surface area. This is because wide rims spread the tire weight allowing more air and flotation. The rim material also is very important aspect when choosing your wheels. In the past steel wheels were used but recently they have diminished due to their weight and cost. The rim material also influences the braking efficiency. Steel rims are very slick during rains and hence affect the grip on brakes. The most commonly used material recently are aluminum and carbon rims. Carbon rims are more recommended because of their light weight. Note that carbon rims require carbon compatible brake pads. Should you wish to learn more about sportswear, visit


Last but not least, the spoke count. The more spokes a wheel has the more weight it carries. You can choose the wheel with spokes count depending on your purpose with the bike. If your bike is for light purpose then you might need to go for less spoke wheels. Bikes with much heavier use like hill climbing and road trips will require wheels with more spoke count. Be sure to check it out!

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